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Heart of Steel

Transformers: Heart of Steel

The Transformers: Evolutions is the title of what was intended to be several comic book miniseries published by IDW Publishing, following the same idea of DC Comics' Elseworlds series. Each series will create a new continuity in a different time era during which the Transformers will exist. In other words, the Transformers can exist at places and at points in time that would not be possible in the current 'IDW-verse'. As of 2007, only one series has been produced: "Hearts of Steel", which is set in the United States during the Industrial Revolution


The time period allows for appearances by human characters such as Mark Twain, Jules Verne and John Henry.

In the series, John Henry is a large bald man who drives spikes into the ground while laying track for the railroad. His hammering wakes up the Autobot Bumblebee who along with the rest of his squad lay deactivated deep within tunnels below the earth. Bumblebee is almost caught by John Henry until Bumblebee changes into an automated spike-driving machine. Here he is portrayed as being fearful of being replaced by modern machinery. Others featured include famous authors Mark Twain and Jules Verne, who view Muldoon's submarine. Twain later becomes a staunch ally of Muldoon after the Decepticons betray him.

Only four Autobots were mentioned by name in the series: Bumblebee, Ironhide (in the TPB when he gives his name it was changed to Sideswipe) and Optimus Prime although he did not appear, though others are recognizable as G1 Generation 1 characters, introduced as toys in 1984. The opposite is true for the Decepticons, with many being named. Others are left unnamed but are recognizable such as Ravage.

Plot summary

The story begins with the Autobots and Decepticons waging war on Earth around the time of a previous ice age. No explanation is given how they arrived on Earth, but their alternate modes are metallic fantasy beasts. The freezing temperatures and lack of energy forces both sides to take shelter and lie dormant for eons. The Autobots retreat to a cave while the Decepticons are later seen underwater.

At some point during the Industrial Revolution, noise outside their cave awakens the Autobot Bumblebee. He ventures outside the cave to discover the planet's new dominant species — man, and that they have developed steam powered technology and the capacity to build railroads. He observes some men, featuring the famous John Henry enjoying the labor of driving spikes into the ground for a new railroad. Bumblebee changes his alternate form to be a steam-powered spike driver and helps the humans who are unaware of his true robotic nature.

Meanwhile, the Decepticons awaken and start plans to take over Earth. Starscream is acting commander while Megatron is still powered down, predictably planning to destroy him while he is inactive and defenceless. When Shockwave approaches failed inventor Tobias Muldoon to assist them with the technology of the age, the Decepticons begin their plans in earnest. The Insecticons, who transform into a combined battle train, rob a bank train to help fund the building of their base. John Henry finds out about the Decepticon train robbery and informs Bumblebee, who then tells his fellow Autobots.

Muldoon, meanwhile has realized Starscream's true intentions. Gathering support from the author Mark Twain after Ravage tries and fails to kill him, Muldoon and his friends aim to stop the Decepticons from reaching New York and capturing an experimental electrical generator, which Starscream plans to use to destroy Megatron. Linking up with Henry and the Autobots, the heroes survive an attack from Scourge (reconfigured as a Zeppelin) and manage to divert the Decepticon train convoy into a chasm. The Autobots return to hibernation as the humans speculate on their fate.

Alternate modes

In addition to their original alternate modes as fantasy beasts, the Transformers later adopt alternate modes appropriate to the era in which they awaken. As mentioned, Bumblebee becomes an automated spike-driver and the other awakened Autobots become locomotives or train cars. The Decepticons are a bit more varied, although many of them also transform into train cars. Shockwave becomes an ironclad warship. Starscream and his Seekers transform into Wright brothers-esque propeller driven aircraft. The Insecticons combine into a ramming battle train. Scourge has a huge inflatable attachment that allows him to become a zeppelin. Ravage's alternate mode appears to be an engine. One of the covers also show Squawkbox with the in robot mode combining a mechanical eagle and gorilla, though they likely don't become cassettes.

- wikipedia

Toy & Packaging, by 3rd party manufacturer, MASTERMIND CREATIONS

Vehicle Mode

Bot mode and gimmicks

Base / Cannon Mode

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Masterforce Series

Transformers: Chojin Masterforce (Transformers: Super God Masterforce) is the title of a Japanese Transformers line of toys and anime series that ran from April 12, 1988 to March 7, 1989 for 42 episodes. On July 3, 2006 the series was released on DVD in the UK, and began on AnimeCentral at 11:30pm on October 17.

With the American Transformers animated series having come to an end the previous year, Japan had struck out on its own and already produced one series exclusive to its shores, Transformers: Headmasters, and repeated the action with the creation of Super-God Masterforce, which took the American Powermaster toys and created an entirely new concept and story for them in its animated series, where they were renamed "Godmasters" (using the word as a reference to "power," with no connection to any deity intended). Powermaster Optimus Prime's toy was slightly recolored with a more metallic shade of grey, and retooled with a die-cast metal cab and retractable super-mode fists, and released in Japan as an entirely new character named Ginrai.

The Giftset Packaging (Powermaster Optimus Prime with the Apex Armor)

Powermaster Optimus Prime full Vehicle Mode

With the Apex Armor (GodBomber)

Optimus Prime's Nebulan partner (his Powermaster)

which can transform to be Optimus Prime's power-up (engine)

Optimus Prime minor Vehicle Mode

Bot Mode

back trailer transform into base mode

also can become Optimus Prime's Power-up

same goes with Apex Armor (GodBomber) can transform to Bot Mode

Powermaster Optimus Prime and GodBomber

They both can combine to form a Powermaster Oprimus Prime with Apex Armor (God Ginrai)

not really pose-able rite?
this toy's mold we made by TAKARA, 1988!!!

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Sons of Cybertron Series

The Sons of Cybertron series continues, with transparent versions (Crystal Clear Exclusive Versions)of Classics Deluxe Optimus Prime & Rodimus. Featured together in gift set packaging, a fantastic looking set complete in crystal colors, celebrating the milestone 2010 year of the Transformers.
by Tomy Takara
The Packaging

Optimus Prime (left) & HotRod [Rodimus] (Right)

Optimus Prime (Bot Mode)

Optimus Prime Alternate Mode (Truck Mode)

Comparison between Deluxe Classic version (left) and Sons of Cybertron version (right)

Rodimus Alternate Mode (Sports Car Mode)

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Henkei Series

Transformers Classics / Henkei (Japan) is a line of Transformers toys based on and resembling the first generation (G1) characters introduced in the 1980s. The toy line was created to fill the gap in Transformers product releases between the end of the Transformers: Cybertron (Galaxy Force in Japan)series and the start of 2007 live-action movie; as well as tie-in to the release of the Transformers: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD edition, and later Transformers Animated, then in Transformers Universe Classics / Henkei.

The character designs were updated to appeal to a modern audience as well as fans of the original 1984 toyline. The face and body have more detail than the 1984 toys due to advancements in design technology. The line is notable for being the first Transformers toyline since the original to feature Decepticon leader Megatron with a handgun. It is also the first line since 1998 (except for reissues) to include temperature sensitive insignias, a feature included among second and third year G1 toys.

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